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Frederick Arthur Auty age 35
Frederick Arthur Auty age 35


Researching surnames: AUTY, AWTY, AUTEY, AWTEY, AUTIE and variants including OTTY, OTTEY, AUGHTY amongst others

Please note this site has moved to:
Auty One-Name Study
And is no longer maintained here, the site will remain active for the moment until its future is decided but will no longer be updated

The Auty surname has been registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies its profile page can be seen by clicking on the link below:
Auty One-Name Study profile

AUTY DNA Project

I am excited to announce that the Auty DNA Project has been established at Family Tree DNA, and it is ready for participants to join and order a test kit.

The Y DNA test tells you about your direct male line, which would be your father, his father, and back in time. You must be male to take this test, and you should have one of the surnames shown. If you believe there is an Auty or variant in your direct male line, although you have a different surname, you are also welcome to participate. If you are female, please find a direct line male to participate, to represent your tree.

We encourage males to order a Y DNA test for 37 markers, if possible. If you order fewer markers, you can upgrade later, though this costs a little more.

As our project grows, we will have many exciting discoveries.

To join go to
Auty DNA Project

Feature Articles

feature 1 Surname Origins
Suggested meanings of Auty, Autey, Awty & Otty surnames from various books on the subject

feature 2 UK First World War Military Service Numbers
Autys served in all services during the First World War this is an ongoing list to aid the finding of regiments etc they served in, and the service numbers issued to them.

feature 3 Soldiers of the American Civil War
Auty's serving in the Union & Confederate Armies

feature 4 Auty Wills
Wills & Admons at York District Probate Registry

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